Known usability issues in the app


This topic is dedicated to known usability issues in the app (Maps) and changes thereof.

If you discover a usability issue, please create a topic in the OCEBIS web service category.

The known usability issues in the app are:

  • The Download NetCDF and Download NetCDF delimited by Box options appear under the selected layer in the Information panel, when they shouldn’t, in the following cases:
    • If the underlying data are not available as NetCDF (Sea-floor (bedrock) lithology currently).
    • If the setup is not suitable for download (e.g. the Bathymetry and hypsometry layer is too large for a complete download or the Box delimiting the download is outside the available coverage area of the selected layer).

Fixed in v1.1.0 (released on 12th of March, 15:05 CET):

  • The Connectivity button is available in the pop-up of a geometry in cases where it is not applicable (it is only applicable for a drawn Point).
  • The coordinate passed to the Connectivity component is not updated when a geometry is drawn or selected, which isn’t a Point.